Avocado Reuben

This delicious-ness was stolen directly from the newest edition to my cookbook library- Roberto Martin’s Vegan Cooking for Carnivores.  There are TONS of fabulous vegan creations that I can’t wait to try out.  For now, this.  First, make your thousand island dressing.

Thousand Island dressing

3/4 c Vegan mayo (I like Vegenaise)

1/4 c Ketchup

2 dill pickles, minced

2 T pickle juice

Whir those 4 ingredients together in the food processor.  You’ll have plenty left over, so you can have this sandwich again tomorrow (..and the next day).  If you want, cut the recipe in 1/2 or 1/4.

Next, gather your sandwich ingredients.

Rye bread, toasted

firm avocado

Salt & Pepper


tomato, sliced

How much you need depends on how many of these bad boys you’re planning on making and how much you love each ingredient.  I’ve ever been one for measuring, especially when it comes to sandwiches.

Toast your bread, then spread a nice layer of dressing on 1/2 (or both!)  Top with your sliced avocado.

Spread about 1/4c sauerkraut on top, then add your sliced tomatoes.  Give ’em a good sprinkling of salt & pepper if you want!

Don’t be like me and put your sauerkraut on the other side of the bread.  Trust me, you’ll have trouble assembling AND eating if you do.

Put your other piece of bread on top (with or without dressing, your call), cut in half and prepare to be amazed.

Enjoy your creation with a side of fruit and some homemade iced tea.  Cheers!


One response

  1. What a delicious-sounding sandwich! I am a sucker for ripe avocados – I even have them on toast with chopped tomatoes for breakfast. And the cookbook sounds great too.

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